Suzy Vance – Fiber Artist

Suzy Vance lives and creates in the heart of the the Indiana Dunes National Park. As a lawyer she represented a client successfully before the United States Supreme Court. Today she is a life coach, fiber artist, photographer, video-podcaster, and self-described “word merchant” inspired by the people and world around her. In the words of Sister Corita Kent:

We all do this every day.
We are not all painters, but we are artists.
Every time we fit something together…whether it’s a loaf of bread,
a child, or a life, we are creating.

Today you see Suzy’s creativity as a fiber artist. She works with fiber to create memorable images, many of which reflect her life in this world.

Suzy says, “My home is the Earth. It!s the rock on which we all create. The actual process of noticing my surroundings and sharing with others, is my way of embracing my journey from beginning to end. Through my creations I hope to imbue gratitude in each of us for all that we are and all that contributes to us,,,each day…every moment…and to inspire us to look beyond the image…beyond what we see…into the possibilities we haven’t yet acknowledged or even considered.

Suzy Vance