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(1 hr 43 min NR - Documentary)
A Vickers Virtual Screening - On Line
COMING NOVEMBER 6TH This is a MUST-SEE film for anyone who loves great music and great documentaries! Director Allen Farst has managed to capture the life of one of the great keyboard legends, Chuck Leavell, who has worked with all the greatest musicians to create the soundtrack of a generation … many several generations! ‘Chuck Leavell: The Tree Man’ was a rousing hit at our festival, with audience members cheering and raving about the film and the man himself. What a gift to the music industry, and now the film industry! If you are a Chuck Leavell fan, this is required viewing; if you aren’t, you WILL BE by the time the film’s credits roll! This is your backstage pass to something truly extraordinary!” PATRICK SCHWEISS, ARTISTIC DIRECTOR, SEDONA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL