Janis Kanter Studio

Website: janiskanterstudio.com

Instagram: instagram.com/janisfromhp

Janis Kanter is a textile artist.

Years ago I was a textile weaver. Then came family, work, and life. And, though my creative endeavors were pushed to the side, the itch to “make” never left. Not wanting to return to weaving, I found myself eyeballing the sewing machine I’d lugged around for the past 25 years. Though I didn’t know how to turn it on — let alone thread! — I figured I could take a 101 sewing class and start anew.

What fun! I have found this process allows much greater flexibility, as the method tolerates the work to be deconstructed (more often than not) and then reconstructed again. With my new found artistic practice expanding, I began to source novelty fabrics in order to sew stories and build narratives. And while doing so, I also discovered this method of working was not too dissimilar from the way I made work as a child.

After school I use to spending hours wiling away in my room cutting and pasting paper collages of pictures and text. My intention then melds with my intention now. When young, I hoped whoever I was making the piece for would immerse themselves into the work finding small gems of meaning valuable to their own life experience. Today I wish to do the same.

More to come. Enjoy what you see!