1 hr 38 min, R

Language: English

Director: Tommy Lee Wallace

ONE NIGHT ONLY 10/29 $7.00

After the death of her father under very suspicious circumstances, Ellie Grimbridge and Dr Daniel Challis decide to investigate the shady activities of Conal Cochran, the owner of the Silver Shamrock Novelties company. Before long, they discover Cochran’s diabolical plot to brainwash the children of America into doing his bidding through a mixture of ancient rituals, technology, and witchcraft. This Halloween, wearing the mask of a skeleton, a witch, or a pumpkin can be deadly. Can Ellie and Daniel thwart the plans of the evil toy-maker?

After years of hate towards Halloween III: Season Of The Witch, fans of the franchise are beginning to show a new appreciation for the seemingly ill-fit installment. It is now considered to be a very well-done stand-alone film that only received the negative feedback it did because of the expectation of seeing Michael Myers If it were not attached to the Halloween franchise, it could have been given better reviews upon release. The concept of the film is original and well thought out, with stylized cinematography that creates the feeling of an amateur movie about the holiday.