Film Screening: American Parent

2023, NR

Presented by: OutCenter

Director: Emily Railsback

One Show Only! June 23, 2024 at 1:00pm.

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Bette, a free-spirited new mom, begins weaning her 1-yr old daughter in order to return to work for a Chicago theatre as pandemic restrictions are lifted. Her wife, Elsie, hustles in the gig economy as an adjunct theology professor.

Bette finds out her position has been eliminated, as Elsie’s adjunct work ends for the summer. Unable to pay their bills, they turn to Elsie’s wealthy religious aunt who offers support with strings attached. Bette’s desire for a new car leaves them in a predicament, and their landlord sells their building forcing them to sign a lease or move out. Elsie is hopeful that her career will take off, and Bette is unsure of the future.

Will the two find an equilibrium amidst the chaos of spilt breast milk, career pursuit, and somehow find time to have sex?

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