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Vickers Theatre Results - Best Film:

BAGHEAD (United Kingdom),  11 Votes

FIRE IN A CARDBOARD CITY  (New Zealand),  12 Votes

HOME SHOPPER  (USA),  1 Vote   

HER (Kosovo),  4 Votes

TWO STRANGERS WHO MEET FIVE TIMES  (United Kingdom),  66 Votes

SOMEONE  (Germany),  14 Votes

CHUCHOTAGE  (Hungary),  4 Votes

FAUVE  (Canada),  5 Votes

LACRIMOSA  (Austria),  7 Votes

Global Results - Best Film:

TWO STRANGERS WHO MEET FIVE TIMES  (United Kingdom),  Gold Medal

BAGHEAD (United Kingdom),  Silver Medal

CHUCHOTAGE  (Hungary),  Bronze Medal


Vickers Theatre Results - Best Actor: 

Sophie Kargman  (HOMESHOPPER),  7 Votes

Aurita Agushi  (HER),  9 Votes

Laurence Spellman  (TWO STRANGERS WHO MEET FIVE TIMES),  26 Votes

Fabienne Haller  (SOMEONE),   20 Votes

Gottinger Pat  (CHUCHOTAGE),  8 Votes

Felix Grenier  (FAUVE),  50 Votes

Global Results - Best Actor: 

Felix Grenier  (FAUVE), Gold Medal Winner


The 9 Finalists: 

 BAGHEAD (United Kingdom),  14:58,    Directed by: Alberto Corredor Marina,    Synopsis: Haunted by grief, a man asks questions only the recently deceased can answer. The dead get their say in the hidden chamber of a mysterious pub. You may not like what you hear.

 FIRE IN A CARDBOARD CITY  (New Zealand), 8:47,   Directed by: Phil Brough    Synopsis: When Cardboard City catches fire, it's up to an energetic fire chief and his brave deputies to save its citizens from the encroaching flames.

 HOME SHOPPER  (USA), 16:15,   Directed by: Dev Patel    Synopsis: In a loveless marriage, a woman seeks solace from a home shopping channel that proves to be her salvation...unless it was the problem all along.

 HER (Kosovo), 12:14,    Directed by: More Raca    Synopsis: To escape a marriage arranged by her extremely religious father, a young girl seizes the chance to run away and save more than herself.

 TWO STRANGERS WHO MEET FIVE TIMES  (United Kingdom), 12:12,    Directed by: Marcus Markou    Synopsis: Two strangers meet at key turning points over the course of their lives. The initial conflict gives way to compassion and eventual friendship.

 SOMEONE  (Germany),  14:00,    Directed by: Marco Gadge    Synopsis: At the end of World War II, Red Army soldiers bent on brutal revenge for past atrocities attack a German city. Compassion comes from an unlikely source. Based on a true story.

 CHUCHOTAGE  (Hungary),  16:00,   Directed by: Barnabás Tóth    Synopsis: During a professional conference in Prague, two interpreters in the Hungarian booth hilariously vie for the attention of one listener.

 FAUVE  (Canada), 16:00,    Directed by: Jérémy Comte    Synopsis: Two boys playing in an abandoned surface mine take turns outdoing each other until the stakes are suddenly raised and it's no longer a game.

 LACRIMOSA  (Austria), 18:27,    Directed by: Tanja Mairitsch    Synopsis: A young woman finds her lost lover in a world of ever-changing surreal landscapes. But love, she discovers, is more complicated than she imagines.



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