July / August
Hal Higdon
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Hal Higdon spent two years planning and executing “At the Movies,” an exhibit that includes movie posters coupled with the antique projectors that haunt the corners of the Vickers Theatre.  Higdon says, "I decided to include modified images of these projectors in my paintings, depicting them in a fashion similar to the work of Piet Mondrian; sharp angles, bright colors, light flowing from the lenses toward movie posters.  Higdon named the show, “At the Movies.”  Among posters used was one for the classic Alfred Hitchcock film, “Vertigo.” Vertigo, of course, describes a loss of balance. As a gag, I decided to hang the Vertigo painting crooked on the wall. Sure enough, somebody came along and straightened the painting. Posting a sign to “do not touch” solved the problem.  Author/Artist Higdon claims that he and his wife Rose never skip a movie, usually watching from the balcony. “We’ll always have the Vickers,” says Higdon, echoing one of his canvases. “It is our opportunity to view exceptional films on a weekly basis. It is also an honor to have an exhibit of my work at the Vickers.”



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