Synopsis:  For nearly 30 years a community of unlikely heroines have lived in Chernobyl's post-nuclear disaster "dead zone." Stylish and stubborn, these fascinating women have survived, and even thrived, on some of the most toxic land on Earth. They are the last survivors of a community who refused to leave their ancestral homes after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986. But the babushkas aren't the only risk-takers: scientists, bureaucrats and even young men and women called "Stalkers" (who break in illegally to pursue their video game-inspired fantasies) explore the dystopian Zone and seek out its radioactive grandmas. First-time feature documentary filmmakers Holly Morris and Anne Bogart's portrait of a community tells a remarkable tale about the pull of home, the healing power of shaping one's own destiny and the subjective nature of risk.  In English and Ukrainian with English subtitles

Not Rated

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           Harbor Country Progress and The Vickers Theatre 


                                    a Film & Discussion

     THE BABUSKAS OF CHERNOBYL                                               


1hr 10min     NR    Documentary

        (with some subtitles)

     Free Admission



      June 6th

      7:00 pm


   Film & Discussion