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1984   (1984)

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Synopsis: This is the second film version of George Orwell's cautionary novel. Winston Smith, a bureaucratic flunky living in a totalitarian state, breaks the law by falling in love with Julia. Attempting to escape, Winston and Julia are tracked down by the Thought Police and "re-educated" into loving the State.  Starring, John Hurt, Richard Burton, Suzanna Hamilton, and Cyril Cusak.  Written for the screen and directed by Michael Radford.

Event: On April 4, 2017, almost 90 art house movie theatres across the country in 79 cities and in 34 states will be participating collectively in a NATIONAL EVENT DAY screening of the 80’s movie 1984. This date was chosen because it’s the day George Orwell’s protagonist Winston Smith begins rebelling against his oppressive government by keeping a forbidden diary. These theaters owners also strongly believe in supporting the National Endowment for the Arts and see any attempt to scuttle that program as an attack on free speech and creative expression through entertainment. This event provides a chance for communities around the country to show their unity and have their voices heard.  A group discussion will follow the film at the Vickers Theatre.

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   Roger Ebert,          Barbara Schulgasser, Common Sense Media (age 16+) 

              Harbor Country Progress and The Vickers Theatre


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     1984 (1984)  

   2hr   R   Drama/Science Fiction/Classic




            April 4th

            7:00 pm